My Challenge to You!

I only subscribe to a few magazine, mostly trade mags. I do love Real Simple though. It is the only mag I can’t see ever giving up! They had an article about starting a Gratitude Journal. Every day write down things you are grateful for. Things like, still having a home, nap time being extra long, your favorite foods on sale, your DH taking out the garbage, etc. ANYTHING big or small.

I think with all the negative news in the world, taking a few minutes each day to think of good things, no matter how small does us all good! Maybe as you sit around your table on Thanksgiving you would be willing to share a few with your loved ones. It really is the little things that mean the most.

You can even share some on here. I will post some of mine, if you will! 😉

3 thoughts on “My Challenge to You!

  1. Me, too! I am also grateful that she sleeps in, and wakes up talking to herself usually instead of crying! I am also grateful that she usually tells me as soon as I walk in if she has pooped. AHHH… the little things…

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