I hate to say I told you so,

but FDA, I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!! I also mentioned a few days ago, BEFORE the study was released, that I thought the Plastic Co’s has lobbyists working with the FDA. Independent scientists say BPA’s are NOT safe. Please consider this when buying items for your family! So, today they released a report regarding the FDA’s […]

This is a rant post…

I am so sick of hearing people complain about everything being made in China, but shopping at WALMART!!!!! Especially kids toys. Buy your kids less junk, and more quality stuff. For the price of a FP toy made in China you could buy a wood toy, by PLAN TOYS,Manhattan toys,  M&D, EEBOO, etc. Less is […]

Tomorrow Flagstaff Mama…

Will endorse a Presidential Candidate. I have decided that since I believe so strongly in someone, that I will come out and say who it is. If you follow this blog, you can probably guess who. This blog is not a business, I make no money from it, and feel that most people reading are […]

BPA Article in Self Magazine

I overheard a mom recently at the park say something about BPA being everywhere even in our water, so it’s not worth trying to get BPA free things. I have to disagree. Don’t we eat healthy and exercise to reduce health risks? So, if we can reduce our children’s exposure to a chemical know to […]

Cherished Image, featuring Santa.

We are currently scheduling appointments for Family Holiday Portraits.  We will have our Christmas background ready by November 1st, and are able to offer over 50 different Holiday Greeting Cards. We also have the ability to do outdoor portraits, if you prefer a natural setting. We are extremely excited to have SANTA in our studio […]