The Craigslist Ad….

Wow. This Mama sure speaks her mind!This is the most interesting craigslist ad I have ever seen! Only in NYC. I wonder how her kids really are… This ad made the front cover of the NY Times, so if she was seeking attention, she sure got it! If you haven’t read the ad here it […]


So, last month we left DD’s jacket at B*ix Restuarant. We called right after we left and told them. They put our name and number on a tag and hung it in the back.They called the next week to remind us,and I told them I had house guests and would pick it up when I […]


I hate aggressive drivers that cut me off. There was a driver on I-40 today that almost hit me tailgating me, before cutting me off! UMMM, if you have your PHONE NUMBER printed on your window, don’t cut me off, I will call and tell you off! Especially if my DD is in the car, […]

Sad Story I heard recently….

The owners of a dog “Bubby” , that  were out of town, had Bubby put to sleep. The dog was given the the HS, and the owners INSISTED the healthy dog be pout down, even though there were people that wanted to adopt. I understand the HS did what they were obligated to do, but […]