Help me, help my daughter’s school!

Haven Montessori is participating in a FUNdraiser with Flagstaff favorite Fizz Bath Shop! The school gets 45% for orders placed via order forms, and 35% for online orders! Friends and Family across the US can order ANY item at from the comfort of their home and still earn 35% for Haven, if they leave HAVEN in the comments section. Great teacher, co-worker, friend, etc. gifts! All natural and handmade in Flagstaff! Order forms are due the 26th , online orders through 10/30! Leave me a comment below and I will get back to you or go online and order today! If you really want to know who I am, I will deliver orders in person! :), i

Warners Fall Festival is next week! I have to work, but you should totally go!

Family Fall Festival,

Saturday, October 20th, 10am to 2pm:
Fall fun for the entire family! Petting Zoo (sponsored by the 4H Club), Pony Rides, hay maze, games, arts & crafts activities for the kids, Paw Placement Animal Rescue, local vendors with food & treats!

Raising MY Spirited Child

I highly recommend this book! I am a spirited mama and somethings I find hardest to deal with in terms of Bumbees behavior, are traits I have, too….
Bumbee carries these traits.

Spirited children are more. My daughter is funny, charming and one of the most intelligent and sensitive people I have ever met.  She is also very high energy, stubborn (persistent) and sensitive (gets sensory overload).

I want all parents to children that are spirited to know they are not alone. Some days suck, you want to run away from home, scream, cry… YOU are NOT alone! You are not a bad parent, you are human and it’s likely you have some spirited traits. When Bumbee uses her persistence and energy to become the first female POTUS maybe then I will fully appreciate her!

Raising Your Spirited Child


I divorced my Keurig, for a better Cuppa Joe!

I love coffee, I mean LOVE! 

So my hubs bought me a Keurig after my Gaggia Espresso maker died (Rip Gaggia, 2007-2012) for Mother’s Day. I thought it was the answer to my prayers, but it was a nightmare. Seriously, it is an environmental nightmare, which I thought the reusable cup solved. But wither way I don’t like watered down coffee like beverages. They are constant problems and don’t even make good coffee. AeroPress is made in the USA!

So, I started doing some research…. I loved my Gaggia, but $400 wasn’t in the budget. I like french presses, but they use so much coffee. That’s when I found the love of my life, AeroPress. It is under $30, takes a few minutes and makes a perfect cup every time. Now, I like my coffee like I like my men tall, dark and strong. Seriously it makes the Keurig look like the hipster wannabe it is. I even bought one for my office! And clean-up is super easy!



I have a confession to make..

I am hooked on YA TV shows. I love Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars and the short lived Jane by Design.

I have never watched, and I mean never watched Jersey Attention Whores, Desperate Housewives of some Affluent City, or as one Bff’s calls it Honey Poo Poo. I do watch the Bachelor/ette but I like it less and less…..

Like Jerry Springer before them, I think they are contributing to the downfall of society. Maybe that is just the view from my soapbox, but I will take my YA fluff over watching real people humiliate themselves for money and attention any day!  All of the entertainment, none of the guilt!

I’m CHEAP, but I like nice things, especially for my Lil Lady!

I got a great deal on a complete HA snow outfit! Coat, bib, gloves and hat! The same price I would have paid, maybe less, than a generic Target outfit a bunch of other kids in Flag would have!  I still don’t love all HA stuff, but some is FAB!

I’m alive!

I started a new job, life has been crazy hectic lately. Trying to get dialed in to the new job, and just craziness! But I miss blogging (blogging for work doesn’t count). How do people feel about issues like pink slime? Makes me glad I am a vegetarian. I am going to try to be  better blogger!